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2015   Hilton Chicago / Customized product development

            Clinique Saks Fifth Avenue / New Product Launch

            Bloomberg Business / Customized product development


2014   Good Housekeeping Magazine / Editorial review and referral        

            Tory Burch / Editorial review and referral 

            "Good Morning America" / Editorial review and referral 

            Norm Thompson Holiday Catalogreview and referral 


2013   Glamour Online Magazine / Editorial review and referral 

            USA Today Magazine / Editorial review and referral 

            Gayot List / Editorial review and referral 

            Soft Surroundings Catalog / review and referral 

            Dr Oz Special Event / Media partner review and referral


2012   "Oprah’s Favorite Things" / Editorial review and referral * (see excerpted article below) 


2011   Clinique "Happy Day," NYC / New Product Launch


2010   Specialty Foods Magazine, The Nibble / Editorial review and referral 


2009   Crossroads Guitar Festival, Eric Clapton  / Customized product development

           Fresh Fragrance launching at Barney’s NYC / New Product Launch


* DARK SECRET® chocolate, a CACAOCUVÉE creation     (Excerpted from an article by Georgette Braun, Rockford Register Star )

Oprah knows how to get what she wants, and the media mogul sent “O” magazine Creative Director Adam Glassman searching for a bite-sized, 100-calorie piece of dark chocolate made with at least 65% cacao. He found something twice as good in DARK SECRET chocolate, which is 67% cacao and only has 45 calories in each of the two, bite-sized chocolates that make up its daily portions. DARK SECRET was given to about 40 military spouses on the return of “Oprah’s Favorite Things” gift-giving show on OWN television. It was the only chocolate product selected for the holiday show and was chosen after more than 50 chocolates were considered for the prestigious promotion.

Susan Pitkin learned in August that the handmade, no-preservatives DARK SECRET chocolate she crafted specifically for health-conscious chocolate lovers was Oprah’s choice for the “favorite things” television show and “O” magazine holiday gift guide.

Her business, CACAOCUVÉE, makes and packages a few dozen other chocolate products. The name CACAOCUVÉE translates to “small-batch chocolate.”

Crafted as a healthy, twice-daily indulgence, a unique feature of DARK SECRET chocolate is the packaging. It’s boxed as 7- or 30-day supplies of 90-calorie daily portions that include two, individually wrapped chocolates that are banded together and marked with the days of the week.

DARK SECRET chocolate is made with pure cacao—a bitter, bean-like seed from which the finest chocolate is made. Cacao is considered a highly rated “superfood” in a category with blueberries and spinach. Nutritional facts on each box describe the natural ingredients, calories, and diabetic exchange. DARK SECRET chocolate is gluten free and is made in a gluten-free facility.

The truth about this DARK SECRET:  It feels like pure indulgence.

Oprah’s staff checked out dozens of other chocolates, partly as a result of searching the Fancy Food Show in Washington this past summer. Oprah and her friend Gayle King did the final tasting and selection. Susan said, “It’s hard to wrap your head around it. We have had the ripple effect from Oprah. When something like this comes along, we knew to prepare for every opportunity and work even harder to keep our customers happy. We want every customer coming back for more.”

CACAOCUVÉE chocolate is sold at specialty and high-end retailers across the nation, including Canyon Ranch resort in Tucson and Star Provisions in Atlanta among others. Artale Wine Company Owner Anthony Artale said, “I sell tons of them. I like them because they are clean-tasting, pure chocolate with nothing artificial. I savor every bite. You can eat one piece, and it lasts the whole day because it has such pure, clean flavor.”

Excerpted from an article by Georgette Braun, Rockford Register Star

DARK SECRET® chocolate and CACAOCUVÉE brands are owned and managed by THE CHOCOLATORIUM, Inc.