Sharing the love of all-things chocolate

and the lovely things we learn from chocolate lovers!

We get a lot of love (and learn a lot of lessons) from our customers. And we love hearing from you. That’s why we’re working to make our new site a place that our CACAOCUVÉE and our DARK SECRET customers will love to share—not just for your love of all-things chocolate—but also for the creative ideas and loving intentions behind so many of your orders.

Today it was a mom seeking to comfort her homesick college freshman. Yesterday it was bride seeking a unique confection for her guests. Almost every day we hear from someone who’s adopted DARK SECRET chocolate as a healthy habit. And much of what we’ve learned from these folks has changed (and occasionally blown) our minds and even the direction of our company.

We know you’re going to love getting to know each other. We’ll share our CACAOCUVÉE customers’ best ideas for beautiful presentations and meaningful gifts. And we’ll share the myriad of healthful intentions and amazing rituals DARK SECRET devotees bring to their “chocolate moments.”

Help us share the love! Keep sending the ideas, requests, and stories that inspire us every day. They deserve to be shared.
Susan Pitkin
Susan Pitkin


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