When It Comes to Coughs, Chocolate Is More Effective Than Codeine

January 28, 2016

Who are you to argue with clinical research? It’s always when you’re in a meeting--or trying not to make a peep--when you feel it: that annoying, please-everyone-stop-staring-at-me beginning of a cough. The next time it happens, you just might want to reach for dark chocolate. Here’s why: According to Professor Alyn Morice, head of cardiovascular and respiratory studies at the University of Hull, chocolate is actually a more effective method for relieving a tickle (or hacking cough) than other over-the-counter drugs. The prof--and resident cough expert--references a recent study where patients who took a new medicine containing cocoa (versus cough syrup) saw a significant improvement in their cough within two days. Another study, performed at the Imperial College of London,...

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