About Us

CACAOCUVÉE uses only the highest quality ingredients in our small-batch, artisan chocolates and gourmet confections. Everything we make is made by hand in our gluten-free facility.

DARK SECRET® is the first artisan chocolate packaged in health-conscious portions to be savored in two—deliciously satisfying and mindful—moments each day. Our packaging is loaded with fun facts and information about the attributes of dark chocolate and the additional ingredients in our five varieties. It’s amazing that anything tasting this good can be so low in fat, carbs, sugar and calories.

As Oprah said, "It's a gift for every day of the week."

Whether you're an individual seeking a unique gift or a business looking for a custom delicacy for an event, the artisan chocolates and gourmet confections from CACAOCUVÉE provide uniquely memorable experiences that are likely to become habit-forming.

We value your feedback, your ideas, and your suggestions. And we encourage you to email us. We respond personally and do our best to satisfy every request.

Please contact us if you have a special request for your favorite varieties:    susan@thechocolatorium.com

DARK SECRET chocolate creator Susan Pitkin

Susan Pitkin - Founder