CACAOCUVÉE specializes in creating hand made artisan chocolates and gourmet confections. We use only fresh natural ingredients in our products. By avoiding methods of mass production, we avoid all commercial extracts, artificial flavor and colorant to provide a chocolate experience that is the ultimate indulgence.

Our small batch production achieves a standard of quality that will satisfy the most critical connoisseurs.

Whether you're an individual seeking a unique gift, or a business looking for a custom delicacy for an event, the artisan chocolates and gourmet confections from CACAOCUVÉE will provide an experience likely to become an addiction.

DARK SECRET® chocolate is the first artisan chocolates packaged in health conscious servings labeled for each day of the week.

CACAOCUVÉE has always used the highest quality ingredients for our handmade artisan chocolates. We began hearing from many people who had given up chocolate for various reasons but were telling us they were enjoying a daily treat of our dark chocolates without the negative effects they had anticipated. We subsequently completed a nutritional analysis of our DARK SECRET CHOCOLATE and were amazed that anything tasting this good could be so low in calories.

Our packaging is loaded with fun facts and information about the attributes of dark chocolate and the additional ingredients in our varieties.